Texas State Park Journal is Here!

Texas State Park Journal

The Texas State Park Journal is finally here!! When I set out to create this book over a year ago I had no idea what paths it would take me down. Originally it was just going to be a fill-out journal style, with no real writing. It quickly became an “If You Give A Mouse…

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Women in the Woods | Houston Women’s Hiking

Houston Women's Hiking

Something magical happens when women are gathered in nature. I often wonder if the ancient years of women congregating around a tribal fire or at the waters edge, washing clothes, have somehow changed us on a genetic level to seek out this kind of communion. Studies have shows that cultural and genetic evolution can work…

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Stronger Than – Lung Disease – Becca Vidrine

Stronger Than Podcast - Stronger Than - Lung Disease with becca Vidrine

Becca and I met through writing for Houston Moms, we were both on boarded as new writers at the same time. We started chatting at events and through Instagram and I am forever thankful for her vulnerability and allowing our family into her family’s lives. Her story is mind blowing and if you know her,…

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Saving Fairfield Lake State Park

If you’ve followed us for any length of time you know we love our Texas State Parks. Recently we learned that Fairfield Lake State Park was scheduled to close. This broke our hearts as it’s one of our favorite parks, the first place I stepped foot on my paddle board and the first place we…

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Stronger Than – Losing Yourself – with Bridgette Mongeon

Stronger Than - Losing Yourself - with Bridgette Mongeon

I could not be more thrilled to have my very own mom on the Stronger Than podcast this week! She has been an example of strength and perseverance my entire life. I am so thankful for her vulnerability in this episode as we talk about how she embarked on a journey to find herself after…

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Stronger Than – Craniosynostosis – with Allie McCathren

Stronger Than Podcast - Episode 2 - Stronger Than Craniosynostosis with Allie McCathren

I am absolutely and beyond honored to have Allie McCathren on episode 2 of the Stronger Than podcast. Allie is one of my dearest friends and her story of finding out her son had Craniosynostosis, needing a surgery as an infant, and how the whole experience helped birth what she is so well known for,…

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Stronger Than Podcast – An Introduction

Stronger Than Podcast Episode 1

Well…it’s happening. I’m excited and terrified and nervous and happy and juuuuust a little bit nauseous. We’re launching a podcast. A friend posted something today that pretty much sums up what’s happening in my brain: “Have you ever felt called o do something that terrified you? Something that will cause the voices of doubt, fear,…

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Visiting Hot Springs Arkansas in 48 Hours | How to See It All

Hot Springs National Park

A Brief History of Hot Springs, Arkansas Let me start out by saying Hot Springs is one of the strangest places we’ve ever been. The city is riddled with a checkered history dating back to civil war times and even earlier. Did you know it was run by gangsters and the Las Vegas strip was…

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Houston Moms, City Mom Collective, and Fire Prevention Week

When we were early on the road of our house fire we were moving minute by minute, it was all we could muster. I was writing then to ease my mind and my heart. I was just putting the emotion to paper (or to computer screen I guess). Then we made this blog. Hurting humans…

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