Texas State Park Journal

Now Available | Texas State Park Journal by Christina Sizemore

The Texas State Park Journal is the perfect log book for any explorer wanting to keep a record of their Texas State Park adventures!

Hiking Journal Log Book Stronger Than Fire

Now Available | Hiking Journal

This Hiking Journal is perfect for logging hikes and track how far you've come! With three hikes per page it's an excellent log book.

Stronger Than Podcast

Latest Podcast | Stronger Than – Lung Disease with Becca Vidrine

Becca shares her journey of how a diagnosis and mindset change allowed her body to heal and her heart to live life more fully.

House fire Stronger Than Fire

Stronger Than Fire | Our Story Began With A House Fire

If you or someone you know has experienced a fire, you are not alone. We understand where you're at and we want to help. 


It All Started With A House Fire

Back in 2017 our house burned down taking most of our possessions and our black lab Sam. Through lots of hard work and therapy we learned to manage PTSD and anxiety and began to live life in a whole new way.

One of our greatest passions is to help others who have gone through similar situations, which is why we started this blog. We've met so many incredible people who are working so hard to dig themselves out of trauma and we're honored to be a very small part of their journey.

We're so thankful you are here where you can find posts about our fire story, travels, homeschooling, mental health, our podcast Stronger Than, and our publications such as the Texas State Parks Journal and periodicals like Houston Moms.