Things to Buy When You Buy A Camper

When you buy a camper, no one really tells you ALLLLL the other things you need to buy to make sure that camper is running properly and to make camper life a lot easier. When we bought and renovated our camper in 2020, half of our budget went to things for the camper, not just renovation costs. Friends sent items here and there, but I could never find a comprehensive list so I thought I'd make one, for all the new camper and rv owners out there. Here's our list of camper products to buy to make operations easier, maintenance, and for organization. If you think of something I've missed, please leave a note in the comments!

Camper Products for Operations

Ok so this is not the most "fun" list of items to purchase, but these things will make camper life so much simpler and in some cases safer too!

Surge Protector

We've had power go out at campsites, major storms, you name it. A surge protector is just a smart decision to protect your camper's electrical system. This is the one we have, there are many others available.
*Make sure you get the right size for your rig, the come in 30amp and 50amp.

Camper Water Hose

I like this camper hose because it flattens down when you store it. You want to make sure you get a hose that's rated for drinking water and a reasonable length. 25' has worked for almost every place we've visited.

Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks were something I thought we could go without, boy was I wrong. These come in handy for leveling your jack stands, tires, all kinds of things. You can use them in different configurations and it can save your jacks from sitting in mud or water.

Water Filter

You never know the quality of the water coming into your camper when you're traveling. We really like this specific water filter. We've bought other brands and ALL of them have broken.
*Install: Hose bib, short connector, filter, hose, camper

90-Degree Hose Elbow

This 90-Degree Hose Elbow goes between your city water intake and your hose on your camper. It's a very simple thing, but it helps take some of the pressure from the weight of the hose off your intake valve.

RV/Camper Sewer Hose Support

You'll really only need a Sewer Hose Support if you are at a full hookup site. It helps keep your hose in one place and give it a nice angled drain towards the sewer.

RV And Camper Water Pressure Regulator

The Water Pressure Regulator does just that, it helps protect your fixtures from high pressure and keeps it at a steady PSI.

Hose Splitter

If you are camping with other people in tents, or if you want water access outside your camper or RV you will want to have a hose splitter.

Portable Camper and RV Tote Tank

The portable Tote Tank is totally optional but we've used it loads of times. If you're camping at a location that does not have a sewer hookup it comes in handy because that grey tank fills up quick. Instead of dragging the camper mid-trip to the dump station you can dump into this and take it to the dump station.
* We have a family rule, only grey water goes in this tank, no black water.

Holding Tank Deodorizer Tabs

Speaking of black tank, you are 100% going to want to get some holding tank deodorizer tabs. Pop one of these in your toilet and flush it down right after you hook up. If you forget to do it, you will remember after a few bathroom uses.

Camper Products for Maintenance

Another not so fun list but you 100% want all of these items in a handy tool bag, kept in your camper at all times. I promise you will thank me.

Camper Hose Filter Washer

These Camper / RV Hose Filter Washers go inside the city water hookup on your RV or camper. You won't know it needs to be replaced until you hookup and the water is dripping from your hookup. That's why we keep a pack of these in our camper at all times.

Hose Washers

Hose washers are another thing you won't know needs replacing until you do. We keep this pack in our camper and just used some on our last trip.

Camper Fuses

Just like in your house, if something isn't working, check your fuses. Before you purchase this exact set, check out the kinds of fuses your camper takes and make sure you stock more than one of each kind.

Butyl Seal Tape

Many campers use Butyl Seal Tape and having some on hand can really help out. It's used around windows, seams in the exterior, all over the outside of the camper. Recently we had a leak in the ceiling and the fix was simply replacing some of the butyl seal tape.

Tool Set

Having a tool set that all fits into one place and lives in your RV or camper will save you a lot of headache. I like this one because it also includes a level, which we use every single time we drop the camper. Zip ties have also come in handy.

Groove Joint Pliers

We keep our Groove Joint Pliers right by the camper door. We use them for water hookups every single time we set the camper and start to load up. They are an absolute must have.

Duck Tape Brand Duct Tape

You just never know and having Duct Tape on hand can get you out of some tricky situations. I like the Duck Tape brand because I've found it lives up to the harsh storage conditions in the camper (hot and cold temps).

Tool Bag

You'll need a place to store everything and I highly recommend a tool bag like this one. We have one very similar. We keep all the small things on in the pockets, tools inside and it fits nicely under our bed.

Camper Products for Organization

Camper organization is paramount to feeling comfortable in your small space. When you're working in limited square footage keeping things organized makes it easier when you need them and it also helps reduce clutter. Here are some of our favorite things we use to help organize the camper.

Hanging Baskets

We have these hanging baskets installed just inside the camper door on the side of the kitchen cabinet. There we store our groove joint pliers, the level, flashlights, baby wipes, bug spray, sunscreen, dog poop bags, and basically anything we need to grab quickly. We also have a set hanging in our bathroom for extra towels, toiletries, toothbrushes and similar things.

Large Baskets

We keep these large baskets under our bed. That space can turn into a messy void so I do my best to keep it organized. We store shoes, a space heater and some of our Ryobi tools in them. I also like that they can fold up small when they're not being used.

2 Pack Jute Baskets

I have a couple sets of the Jute Baskets. Two are on the floor inside a kitchen cabinet and store plastic bags, zip top bags, clorox wipes and other little items. The other set is on the floor in the bathroom cabinet and stores Zevo bug spray, WD40, and our holding tank deodorizer tabs.

Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

I love my dish drying rack. It folds up and stores easily under the sink when I don't need it. Note, this one does not have a drain tray under it, we use a silicone drain mat.

Collapsible Baskets

We've used these collapsible baskets as dishwashing tubs, dog water dishes, to carry food and snacks to the campfire and I soaked my foot in one after I got stung by a stingray. They are great for organizing and carrying things around.

Gasket Storage Boxes

We have combination of these waterproof gasket storage boxes to help keep our passthrough storage organized. Each is labeled with what is inside. What's great is you can toss them under your camper for easier access and they'll stay dry,

Velcro Heavy Duty Storage Straps

Every hose and extension cord in our pass through has its own heavy duty storage strap with a carabiner attached to it. These are attached to heavy duty eye hooks we installed on the ceiling of the pass through.

Shelf Organizer

This shelf attaches with an included adhesive. There are slits in the bottom which are the perfect size to run a charger through, so at night our watches and phones all sit in this little shelf to charge.

Please note these are all products we've used. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. These small commissions help fund our adventures, or at least they can buy us a coffee along the road.