Stronger Than – Lung Disease – Becca Vidrine

Stronger Than Podcast - Stronger Than - Lung Disease with becca Vidrine

Becca and I met through writing for Houston Moms, we were both on boarded as new writers at the same time. We started chatting at events and through Instagram and I am forever thankful for her vulnerability and allowing our family into her family’s lives. Her story is mind blowing and if you know her,…

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Stronger Than – Losing Yourself – with Bridgette Mongeon

Stronger Than - Losing Yourself - with Bridgette Mongeon

I could not be more thrilled to have my very own mom on the Stronger Than podcast this week! She has been an example of strength and perseverance my entire life. I am so thankful for her vulnerability in this episode as we talk about how she embarked on a journey to find herself after…

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Stronger Than – Craniosynostosis – with Allie McCathren

Stronger Than Podcast - Episode 2 - Stronger Than Craniosynostosis with Allie McCathren

I am absolutely and beyond honored to have Allie McCathren on episode 2 of the Stronger Than podcast. Allie is one of my dearest friends and her story of finding out her son had Craniosynostosis, needing a surgery as an infant, and how the whole experience helped birth what she is so well known for,…

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Stronger Than Podcast – An Introduction

Stronger Than Podcast Episode 1

Well…it’s happening. I’m excited and terrified and nervous and happy and juuuuust a little bit nauseous. We’re launching a podcast. A friend posted something today that pretty much sums up what’s happening in my brain: “Have you ever felt called o do something that terrified you? Something that will cause the voices of doubt, fear,…

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