Texas State Park Journal is Here!

The Texas State Park Journal is finally here!!

When I set out to create this book over a year ago I had no idea what paths it would take me down. Originally it was just going to be a fill-out journal style, with no real writing. It quickly became an “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” situation. I had to write a bit about how to use the book. And if I did that, I had to write about Texas State Parks. And if I did that, I certainly had to explore the history of the parks and the ecoregions, and…

Well, here it is. There’s a page for EVERY park and a few blank pages for new parks. There’s a log sheet to keep track of repeat visits and a checklist of which parks you’ve visited. It’s the journal I would want to record my Texas State Park Adventures in.

Texas State Park Journal
Texas State Park Journal Mustang Island
Texas State Park Journal Longhorn Cavern

About Texas State Parks and How to Use This Book

Texas State Park Journal About

This section is exactly what it sounds like. I wrote about Texas’s ecoregions, what to look for in State Parks and more. I also gave examples on how to use the book, the purpose and vision behind each section.

State Park Visitation Log

We have a goal of visiting every state park in Texas. I end up copying our list with dates each year into my current planner. I built the visitation log to be a checklist of sorts — an easy reference to what parks you’ve visited and which parks are left for you to explore. In addition there are several parks we visit more than once. This is a great place to log all your visitation dates

visitation log

State Park Map

Texas State Park Journal Park Map

I created this state park map as a quick reference to where our Texas State Parks are. As I mention in the book, Texas Parks & Wildlife puts out an awesome FREE park guide about every year. This is a great companion to my Texas State Park Journal. Their guide has a full map and details about each park.

State Park Journal Pages

Here’s my favorite part. The whole vision for this book began when I couldn’t find something to suit my needs. These park journal pages have a space for EVERYTHING.

The State Park Journal Pages are in alphabetical order. I included Fairfield Lake State Park, even though its fate has yet to be determined. I also included Palo Pinto State Park which is slated to open later this year. You’ll also find a few blank State Park Journal Pages, in hopes that they will be filled with brand new parks, yet to be open and explored.

Texas State Park Journal Park Pages


Well this is obvious, but I did make the date section long so you can include dates from multiple trips.


This is the place to jot down any specific memories from your adventure.


We love to identify the plants we see, this is the place to record any special flowers or plants you come across.


We’ve seen everything from foxes to roadrunners to bison on our trips. This is the place to record what you see in the animal kingdom.

Passport Stamp

Get your journal stamped with your Texas State Parks passport stamp (just launched for the 100th anniversary of the parks).


This area is the place to write the name of favorite trails, miles hiked, hours paddled, etc.

Adventure Icons

I created these as an easy way to record kinds of adventures at different parks. You can circle them or color them. There is a key in the How to Use This Book section.

Where to Purchase

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