Saving Fairfield Lake State Park

If you've followed us for any length of time you know we love our Texas State Parks. Recently we learned that Fairfield Lake State Park was scheduled to close. This broke our hearts as it's one of our favorite parks, the first place I stepped foot on my paddle board and the first place we went camping again after our house fire. If you've heard the story of The Hungry Tent, Fairfield Lake State Park was where that happened.

So I put together this little video of what is going on (from all my research thus far) and what we can do to still save the park. I've joined with the ladies of Houston Women's Hiking and Women Stepping Outside YouTube Channel to get the word out about HB 2332.

We love Fairfield Lake State Park and don't want to see it close, or the other 15 or so state parks who are also on leased land.

Find Out Who Represents You Here 

Read TX House Bill 2332 

Press Release About Fairfield Lake Closure from TPWD

Sign the petition to save Fairfield Lake State Park


Suggestion On What to Say When You Call Your Rep

Your Rep Hi my name is ______________, I live in (insert name of your area, subdivision or zip code). I'm calling to share that I support HB 2332 for the purchase of Fairfield Lake State Park. Our state parks, including Fairfield Lake State Park are a great asset to our state and are worth preserving. Thank you!