Shopping, by Chris

Many people have said things like, “You know, at some point, not now, but at some point it’s going to be fun, you get to design whatever house you want, and buy brand new things.” There’s always extra emphasis on “brand new things” when they say it. While I know logically this is probably the … Continue reading Shopping, by Chris

Thing(s) 2

by Bill On Sunday after the fire the folks at Service Master were going through the house again, to find everything else they could clean and salvage. I couldn't face the house that day, so I sat on the front lawn and watched as they catalogued and tagged everything we owned that might be salvageable. I … Continue reading Thing(s) 2

Thing(s) 1

by Bill So, I've never really been one to put much stock in owning things. Don't get me wrong, there were things I really enjoyed and would spend money on to own, but I never thought things had meaning to me. That is, until I lost everything. We were walking through the house on Saturday, … Continue reading Thing(s) 1

The List

by Chris I’ve always worked well with lists, there's something cathartic about scratching something off a to do list item once it's done, like the mark of a hero who’s just conquered a great nation. I still keep (or kept, it burned) a physical day planner just so I could work weekly to do lists … Continue reading The List