Houston Moms, City Mom Collective, and Fire Prevention Week

When we were early on the road of our house fire we were moving minute by minute, it was all we could muster. I was writing then to ease my mind and my heart. I was just putting the emotion to paper (or to computer screen I guess). Then we made this blog. Hurting humans started contacting me to share how our words touched them, or helped them walk a similar road, or assisted in a completely different road made up of the same feelings. I can only hope for every person who contacted us, even more were helped.

As we grew through therapy and lots and lots of work, deep in my heart of hearts I hoped our tragedy could be used for good. Even if it was just in small ways, I knew that is why we traveled through every hurdle from the fire to Hurricane Harvey to the contractor walking off the job to taking on the rebuild ourselves and truthfully even into the pandemic.

I’ve had the honor of sharing a bit of our story this week on Houston Moms in an article titled Tips for Preventing and Preparing for a House Fire. In addition today I’m doing a takeover of the City Mom Collective’s Instagram to share more of our story and fire prevention tips. I’ve also shared the heart of our story on the Kids Who Explore Podcast.

Step by step we’re sharing. Step by step, I hope we are helping others. Step by step what was horrible and excruciatingly painful, is being used for good. This has always been my hope. This has always been my heart. This has always been what I knew God could do with our story. I’m excited to see what’s next, but more than anything, people hearing our story, learning from it, being encouraged by it, gives it meaning.

For this, I am eternally thankful.