About Us

We’re Bill, Chris and Issa.

On February 10, 2017, we watched our house burn. We said goodbye to our dog on the front lawn while people watched. We almost lost Bill, who was asleep in the house at the time. Day two after the fire, I (Chris) borrowed my mom’s computer and I started writing. I’m still writing. I’m in awe of this story and what is happening to our family in the wake of tragedy. It’s important that I write it, it’s important that I share it and that is very very hard for me to do both.

Day 12, after working through a panic attack I handed the computer to Bill and told him to start writing.

On September 2, 2017 Hurricane Harvey devastated our city. In October we started rebuilding our home. In June 2018 our builder walked off the job, and this is where we currently find ourselves.

We promise to be honest in this space.

We promise that it will not always be kosher, or ‘politically correct’ or PG13.

We promise that we will share our hearts and what God is doing within them.

Thank you for reading our story, for loving us, for supporting us and for walking this incredibly long road with us. It is the love of family, friends and oddly enough strangers that has kept us going when it is so much easier to let ourselves spiral down into a place that is dark and quiet and calm, but also shut off from everything that is happening. Thank you.